About Us

IT Auction is an international auctioneer based in Italy specialized in the organisation and management of competitive online auctions, which take place on the portals www.industrialdiscount.it, www.industrialdiscount.it, www.aste24.it e www.realestatediscount.it. Our auctions are based on transparency, expertise and convenience and are all aimed at getting the maximum profit in the shortest time possible.

In particular, assets are sold through a different portal according to their typology, in this way goods are advertised through the most suitable channel.

Aste24.com is a website specialised in the online sale of finished products and inventory, all sold divided into stocks of different size whose target are individual purchaser or small entrepreneurs and reseller in the whole world.
Industrial Discount is a website focused on the sale of industrial assets.
Real estate discount is a website dedicated to real property sale.

On Aste24.com website you will find large quantities of clothing, bags, accessories, furniture complements, gardening tools, office equipment, electrical appliances, jewels, tires, spare parts for vehicles and many other goods offered to the public at large.

Which are Aste24.com strong points?

  • Short but numerous sale attempts which grant maximum profit opportunity for purchasers and sellers;
  • possibility to multiply the stocks: at the end of the auction clients can choose to multiply the won stock and indicate how many pieces they wants to buy without attending another auction;
  • quick collection and delivery: among Aste24.com staff there is one person exclusively in charge of providing collection assistance and taking care of delivery of the goods from our storages;
  • shipping to the whole world at good prices.

Our aim is becoming a reference point in the field of top quality international trade services, creating value for our stakeholders.

Our mission consists in creating a safe environment where companies and people all over the world can buy and sell online with transparency, clarity, competitiveness and convenience.

The online auction simplifies the trade and maximize the opportunities.
Online auctions grant maximum competitiveness since goods are sold through a portal, which has large national and international visibility, and this stimulates competitiveness among auction participants and offers maximum transparency to the trade system. It is a safe, easy and convenient method, which offers many advantages, such as the immediate availability of information concerning the goods, an international marketplace and an unlimited purchase potentiality.