How an online auction works

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There are three different ways to find the assets of your interest on our website:

Submitting your bid

Please first log in to submit your bids.

Then browse to your lot's page. Fill in the blank with the amount you would like to offer and confirm you offer by ticking the box " I accept the all terms & conditions".

You will receive an email:

  • For each offer submitted
  • Each time your offer is outbid
  • Each time your offer is outbid

There are two ways to submit your bid*:

  • Static Bid: insert the amount you want to bid just for that moment.
  • Proxy Bid: insert the maximum amount you are willing to offer for a specific lot.

*The Proxy bid is not compulsory when submitting a Static bid, but you can also insert a Proxy Bid WITHOUT a Static bid. In this case the System will accept the first available bid-raise, and keep the remaing amount as your Proxy bid.

Do you want to find out more about's sale terms & conditions? Go to the FAQ page